Know Your Hair

Knowing the condition of your hair and its level of porosity will help you maintain and care for it in the right manner.
Hair can be defined in many ways such as relatively thin, normal or thick.
It can have different textures and a variety of colors and shades.
The anatomic structure of hair is identical in all people and differs in strength and resistance, depending on its thickness.
When choosing which hair care and treatments to use, one must take into consideration the actual state of your hair, especially the hair cuticle which is made up of a number of transparent layers.
When the hair cuticle is in healthy shape it will be shiny and pleasant to the touch.
In addition, when the hair fibers become porous from incorrect maintenance, the central layer called the cortex is then exposed leading to hair that lacks luster, feels dry and can result in the weakening of the hair’s general structure.

Know your hair maintain results

Healthy Hair – non-porous, has a healthy well-sealed cuticle, shines and feels pleasant to the touch.
Healthy hair has high resistance to care and treatment products.

Proper Care

  • Gentle cleansing with Soft Shampoo will preserve the hair’s natural moisture.
  • Rub throughout the full length of your hair with Gloss Serum which provides perfect protection and feels wonderful.

Dry Hair – Low to medium porosity, slightly open cuticle, partially shiny with a slight roughness and a tendency to get tangled mainly at the ends.
Low hair porosity causes depletion of moisture and results from poor home maintenance, frequent use of hot appliances, exposure to the sun, and chemical hair treatments.

Proper Care

  • Gentle cleansing with Soft Shampoo will preserve the hair in balanced moisture.
  • Use a Shine Mask that provides moisture and seals the pores.
  • Complete your hair care regimen with Gloss Serum for perfect protection and a wonderful feeling.

Damaged Hair – High porosity, open and worn cuticle, lacking luster, feels rough and gets easily tangled.
High hair porosity causes the quick loss of moisture and too lackluster and weakened hair.
It results from poor home maintenance, the frequent and incorrect use of hot appliances, and frequent exposure to the sun, hair dyes, and aggressive chemical treatments.

Treatment Methods

  • Gentle cleansing with Soft Shampoo will preserve the hair in balanced moisture.
  • Use Silk Hair Treatment on the hair to strengthen its structure, moisturize and protect it.
  • To complete your hair care regimen, use Gloss Hair Serum for perfect protection and a wonderful feeling.


All Femor products contain antioxidants and UV protection.

Illustrates of worn and porous damaged hair fiber
healthy hair fiber with perfect cuticle
Dry hair fiber with slightly open cuticle
damaged hair fiber with worn cuticle